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This unscented votive measures 3” tall and has about 10-12 hours burn time. Dressed with money drawing herbs such as patchouli, chamomile, ginger root, peppermint and holy basil. Light it with intention, or write your desires for abundance down and place it under the heat-proof surface housing the candle.


While this candle can be lit and used any time, abundance and wealth drawing are best manifested on Wednesdays as it is ruled my Mercury and offers the best opportunity to work on everything related to money, success and abundance. 


Never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn only on a heat-proof surface.

Money Votive Candle

SKU: P000051
  • •  Made in Canada
    •  Product Language: English
    •  Weight: 1.76 oz (49.99 g)

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